From Paris to Marrakesh: implementing the global climate agreement
The European Committee of the Regions hosted a high-level debate on June 29 about how to implement the Paris agreement. The challenge is to convert climate commitments into bankable projects.

Regions and cities mobilised for climate action ahead of COP22

Local and regional authorities called for enhanced dialogue with citizens on EU climate and energy policies during the European Committee of the Regions conference on COP22 last Wednesday.

Sirpa Hertell, rapporteur on a new EU climate change adaptation strategy, shared her belief in the crucial role of cities and regions in encouraging people and businesses to work in a more sustainable way and create horizontal and vertical synergies and suggested:

”We need to involve all the stakeholders in a decision making process from the very beginning as we have started in my city some years ago, mainstreaming sustainable ideas into various policies is vital if we want to succeed.”

Hertell, Vice President of ENVE and Chair of the Espoo Sustainable Development Committee, praised her municipality which ranked as the most sustainable city in Europe in the recent Dutch EU Presidency study, by providing practical examples of the application of sustainable policies like its new metro system, in cooperation with schools to reduce food waste and with energy companies on CO2 free emission energy for district heating.